At Wiesneth Law we realize the decision to end your marriage is a difficult and emotional process. Although we cannot help you make the decision, we can insure that you have the information and legal support you need to protect your interests if you choose divorce. The length of the divorce process and the level of conflict is often related to the complexity of the issues and nature of what is disputed. Whether your situation is right for an uncontested or collaborative process or you are fighting for custody of your children, we have the skill and expertise you need to navigate the process and make the best possible decisions for your family. And while everyone prefers a cooperative process, we are more than able to fight for your rights in the most contentious of situations. We certainly hope that you don't have to go through an ugly divorce, but if you do, we will be there with you and never back away from your interests.

In addition to adjusting our style to fit the needs of your case, we make every effort to keep your legal fees within your budget. There is more than one approach to every case, and we think it's important to talk about the cost from the very beginning, so that we can determine a litigation strategy that meets your needs without creating financial hardship. Every case and every client are different. It's our job to not only make sure that we understand your financial situation but also what your priorities are in the divorce. We will never substitute our personal priorities for yours, and will always let you make the decisions. Our job is primarily to make sure that you know the law and have the information required to make the best decisions possible. Ultimately, it's your life and your divorce, and we are to here to help you achieve your objectives.

At Wiesneth Law, uncontested/collaborative divorce retainers start at $1,000. If you would like to discuss your options further, please contact us and schedule your FREE consultation today.