Adoption Attorney

Adoption is the process of assuming the parenting for another, and the process permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the original parent or parents. There are different types of adoption with relative and step-parent adoptions being the most common. Most adoptions require background checks, a home-study and notice to the biological parent(s). A typical adoption can be processed in as little as three months, and some adoption expenses are tax deductible.

Adoption Myths

Adoption Myth 1: Adoptive parents are abusive

Studies show that adoptive parents are significantly less likely to mistreat their children than biological parents. In fact, since adoptive parents have to submit to extensive background checks, including criminal and child abuse checks, financial reporting, health examinations and court mandated home studies, children who are adopted are assured of safe, secure, and loving homes.

Adoption Myth 2: Adopted children hate their birth mothers

The majority of adopted children realize as they mature the sacrifice their mothers endured for them. Many realize their mothers could have aborted them or kept them in a difficult, unhealthy living arrangement. Once they realize the opportunities theyve enjoyed and the security and love afforded to them by their adoptive parents, they respect and love their birth mothers for their courageous, unselfish actions.

Adoption Myth 3: Adopted children are not well-adjusted

Some adopted children may have questions about their heritage and where they come from, but this doesnt prevent them from living happy, successful fulfilling lives. A simple internet search on famous adopted people reveals just how many leaders in the arts, sciences, and business world were or are children of adoption, including a President of the United States and Olympic Gold Medal Winners.